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Covid-19 update

No new additions to BC site that I can see despite the promise of an update. Anyway as far as I understand it, we are in Tier 2 from 00:01 today. I think this means reverting to the Rule of Six that we were operating before November 5th. So in theory the Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday rides can resume as long as people are able to organise themselves into sixes at the start. Worth remembering however the words of Boris ‘Tis the season to be jolly….careful.’ So metre+ and all those other annoying restrictions that have ………saved our lives. … Read entire article »


Just a quick reminder that on the weekend that the clocks go back (this weekend) traditionally the meet time at Bulphan school carpark on Sunday changed from 9:00 am. to 9:30 for the winter. I think the theory is that it gives a little longer for any frosts to melt. So bear this in mind when organising any rides, remembering of course about the groups of six or less when outside (riding) and that in Essex, being in Tier 2 means cafe stops will need to be outside except for same households and ‘bubble groups’. Look on the bright side. It still beats housework or gardening. … Read entire article »

Tale of a Bespoke Bike Frame. End Of.

Tale of a Bespoke Bike Frame. End Of.

After 9 months in the making, this project finally came to an end when I collected finished BIKE today. Everyone involved were very pleased with final result even considering the odd compromise which had to be made. As I said from the start the whole job was completed locally within 30 miles of home which I am very pleased about. Thanks go to frame builder Mark Groves, spray artist John Callaghan and bike builders  at … Read entire article »

Rule of six.

Hi Gateway members, As you’re probably all aware, the law regarding meeting in groups changed on Monday as part of a strategy to limit the upsurge in Covid cases in the last week or so. As these laws and guidelines are complex, we have been influenced by British Cycling who stated in a recent communication: ‘For your ride-specific questions, as I say we are still waiting to see the exact guidance, however our understanding is that our current guidance for Club rides will be unaffected by the new changes. This means that they will still be capped at six riders, and that you should avoid congregating in groups of more than six (ie. by staggering start times and café stops).’ It seems that we might have been sailing close to the wind up until … Read entire article »

The “not the club night September 18th”

Ahh! The best laid plans of mice (other rodents are available) and men (women and everyone in between)……… Plans for the return of club night have been thwarted by yesterday’s government announcement that groups larger than six will be banned from next Monday. As it’s indoors, club night will definitely fall foul of this new restriction. Sorry Bob. … Read entire article »

Club night September 18th.

It’s club night but not as we know it, Back by popular demand! Thanks to the grace of God, HM Government and British Cycling. First post lockdown meeting September 18th. reverting in future months to the second Friday of the month. Sadly no refreshments and lots of other rules to be adhered to. Rules of the hall itself. Nothing to do with me guv! These will follow closer to the time. Might be a good time to remind people that we need to know who we are riding with and to keep a record for 14 days. On a Sunday I’ve been taking photos to record the whole group. I have asked people to keep a record of their riding groups. As I understand it if this isn’t done, if someone goes … Read entire article »

Tale of Bespoke Bike Frame Update

Picked up frame this morning with artwork completed and returned it to the builder who will complete frame build with bearings etc then take to Richardsons  for componetry to be added for final transition to Dream Bike.Hopefully … Read entire article »

Gateway Committee Update

Hello all, Rides and COVID 19 It’s good to see so many members out riding again. The Sunday and Wednesday rides are getting busier and other more select rides have made a comeback. Thanks to Clint for reviving the Saturday social rides, which have already attracted some prospective new members. Please remember that, during this unprecedented time, we have only been allowed to resume riding under Government and British Cycling guidelines. As mentioned in previous Gateways posts, please observe the rules:- If you are feeling unwell, with covid symptoms, please do not attend ANY ride and if you have ridden with Gateway Members, please inform a Committee Member. Also, please report your condition as described in Government media Group size maximum of 6, preferably less (2,3,4)  for social distancing and road safety reasons Wash your hands – … Read entire article »

Tale of a Bespoke Bike Frame Update

Just a few facts about my project. When the idea for this project started I wanted to keep it as local as possible, well the frame was built by Mark from Leigh-on-sea Essex, is being painted as we speak by John from Maldon Essex and will be built up with American and Japanese components sourced by Richardsons Cycles also of Leigh-on-sea Essex so am quite pleased with myself for having all done within 30 miles of home and hopefully as good a quality job as anywhere in the world.To be continued. Bob D … Read entire article »