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Hi me again, first off no one seemed to have picked up the deliberate mistake in my last post,it was of course Mathieu van de Poel not Remco Evenpool who won the mens world championship road race in Glasgow last week but there you go. After yesterdays successful midweek ride decided to stay home today to give my most used road bike a bit of maintenance and a clean up. Not being too energetic I try to make this as easy as possible, I start by brushing off all the visible crud then a quick wipe over with a proprietory wd 40 bike cleaner. Then comes the bit I like least degreasing the chain and cleaning up the jockey wheels,this done relube chain with a foaming wet lube and wipe with soft cloth. With worst over lightly lube gear train witth light spray on 3 in 1 oil.Sit down for rest and a coffee then finish off frame and wheels with a fine polish,job done till next time.  Now looking forward to tomorrows club nightand whats coming this  weekend.

Bob D

robert drake

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Gateway member from day one 2007. Also member of CTC, VCC, Forty Plus CC and the Fellowship of Cycling Old Timers. Am interested in cycling history especially from the 1950s and 1960s.

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