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Virtual Club Night: be on Zoom instead of Zwift for one night only.

See below for an invite to a virtual club night on Friday March 12th. Imagine supping your first pint (or wine/soft drink/ Ovaltine) down the pub for the first time for months. Imagine that, while you sit at home looking at Gateway members arranged University Challenge style on your screen chatting with fellow Gateway members about the good old days; past, present and yet to come. If that’s your idea of hell, get the cellophane off that Game of Thrones DVD and settle down for the weekend. If not, then join us! It was really nice last month. Ask Bettina. She cannot tell a lie. Phil Topic: Gateway Club Night Time: Mar 12, 2021 19:30 Universal Time UTC Join Zoom Meeting… Join our Cloud HD Video Meeting Zoom is the leader in modern enterprise video communications, with an easy, … Read entire article »

Gateway Zoom Login!

Hi Gateway members, We’re looking forward to seeing you at Friday night’s Zoom club night at 7.30 . If you haven’t used Zoom before, you can download it from or just click on the link to join the meeting.… Meeting ID: 776 4404 6025 Passcode: ZXw6SM If you haven’t used Zoom before, good luck. Phil … Read entire article »

Gateway Zoom Club Night – Friday 12th February ay 19.30

Hi Gateway members, we’re looking forward to seeing you at Friday night’s Zoom club night at 7.30 . If you haven’t used Zoom before, you can download it from or just click on the link to join the meeting. Meeting ID: 776 4404 6025 Passcode: ZXw6SM Thanks. Chris … Read entire article »

Gateway Zoom meeting

February 12th. 2018……. See photo   February 12th. 2021 …… 7:30pm. Gateway Cycling Zoom meeting. Catch up with those members that you see on WhatsApp and think who is that? Swap cycling stories, lockdown routes or just come to share a drink. The meeting is virtual but the drink can be real! Zoom login details tofollow next week. PS. If you want to see the photo you’ll have to go to WhatsApp or Facebook. To be fair, you’re not missing much. … Read entire article »

Gateway 2020

Gateway 2020 Great name for a film. I envisage a science fiction film. A post-apocalyptic world with quiet skies save for a singing skylark fluttering down. Abandoned streets, with cars littering the pavement. Occasionally a fleeing runner moving hurriedly across the landscape. I’ve seen the films and read the books. I’ve just never been in one before. However, as in all such scripts there are some that are lucky (through genes, geography etc.), some that survive. You know, the Harrison Ford character, who, of course, has to put up with various trials and tribulations but, with a plucky smile, because, this is his time. His time to shine. Thus in 2020, when the world as we knew it started to disintegrate, and a contagion enveloped the globe, the roads emptied and the Quiet descended, cyclists … Read entire article »

Tier 4…….

Hi guys, All this talk of cafes and New Year reminded me to check the British Cycling website to see if they had updated their advice, bearing in mind I think they were blindsided by the last-minute introduction of Tier 4. To be fair the government site, at the time, also said, in so many words, ‘Watch this space’. Well BC did update on December 22nd. and there is a link to the government site. below: British Cycling Updated Coronavirus/Covid-19 Guidance Following the Prime Minister’s announcement on Saturday 19 December we are suspending all sanctioned activities in Tier 4 areas in England, with the exception of outdoor activities for under-18s and disabled people. Staying active is important, and those living in Tier 4 areas can continue to cycle … Once again some of the rules … Read entire article »

2020 Update – one amazing year!

Following a very difficult year for everyone it has been great to see how the Gateway Memebership has tried to keep the social rides going. Reading everyones posts about rides and Outside Cafe stops has been interesting and amusing and goes to show why we all love this club so much! The committee has met and discussed the membership fees for 2021 and have concluded that in the light of the current situation all current fully paid up members for 2020 will receive free membership for 2021. If for any reason a member wishes to withdraw their membership please contact the Club Secretary, Phil Baker,  and we will ensure your details are removed from all Gateway Cycling Club records in line with GDPR regulations. Additonally if any member has any changes to their … Read entire article »

Tier 3

Sorry for this late response to us going into Tier 3 but I was having difficulty undestanding the, what seemed to be, contradictory advice on the British Cycling website with regard to group rides. It took a call to them to clear up the confusion. The Rule of Six still applies and as a group ride you can cross tier boundaries (be they Tier 1, 2 or 3) providing you don’t stop for a break. You only stop in your own area. However, you should not travel across a tier boundary for a group ride. Apparently, this means you shouldn’t drive to start a ride in another tier area. Your group rides should start in your area. There are exceptions which I don’t think will apply to many at the … Read entire article »

Covid-19 update

No new additions to BC site that I can see despite the promise of an update. Anyway as far as I understand it, we are in Tier 2 from 00:01 today. I think this means reverting to the Rule of Six that we were operating before November 5th. So in theory the Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday rides can resume as long as people are able to organise themselves into sixes at the start. Worth remembering however the words of Boris ‘Tis the season to be jolly….careful.’ So metre+ and all those other annoying restrictions that have ………saved our lives. … Read entire article »