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SUNDAY ‘BROXBOURNE’ RIDE. 26.2.2023 by Jon Lane

To Broxbourne by train, taking us to a pleasant place from which to ride – cutting out the schlep – with Dave, Sharon, Tracy, Les and Jeff. A bit breezy and chilly, the wind from the north east and the temperature on a single digit… Setting off and manoeuvring around blocked bridges and road closures we made our way, heading south, onto the narrow, Lee Navigation tow path. Quite a few walkers and a few bike riders, but everyone friendly, relaxed and courteous – making way for one another… Flat meadows, watery lands and trees still bare and spikey. White blackthorn blossoms breaking through. Spring is springing!!! The path varied with compacted earth, tarmac surfaces and some with ‘speed humps’ – all very close to the edge of the wet watery canal… Led by Dave we were seeking the Narrow Boat café for refreshments, but is was closed for renovation, apparently opening for the summer. Onwards – and crossing the bridge into the spacious and well managed wet lands park around Waltham Abbey. Many happy folks here… Our next cafe stop was some miles downstream which took us through historical Enfield, several crossings of lock gates and quirky paths. This is where many rifles, munitions and much gunpowder was manufactured … Jeff caught a flat but with a couple of pump ups we made it to the café. Sharon’s’ coffee rating here – ten out of ten… Jeff, assisted by Les fixed the flat. – well done fella’s. Travelling on we got to Stratford and the ever developing Olympic Park, so much going on here… which included, ‘organised’ graffiti artists decorating the walls – if you like that stuff!? A swift comfort break at the Vue Café, adjacent to the vast – now West Ham football Stadium. Although the sun was in and out it was getting pretty cold so at West Ham we opted for the train homeward, some tiddling about with the timetables but we got there. Often said – but a most enjoyable ‘end of winter’ ride – soon to be repeated. In Great! Company – have a happy week folks…

Cheers! 🙂

Jon Lane.

Note: Credits to Sharon and Les for the snapshots (-:

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