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Lee Valley Velodrome Session 17th December

Thanks to Peter for arranging an excellent late afternoon session on Saturday. The weather was rather chilly and the traffic somewhat difficult due to the rail strike and the odd crash on the North Circular. Unfortunately several members were unable to attend due to illness.
8 riders and 4 spectators attended the velodrome for the 2 hour session with an easy introduction to riding the track using fundamental skills such as basic control and safety including stopping and starting, pace judgement, acceleration, slowing down, using the track to speed up and slow down then progressing to riding in a group in a line along the track.
This progressed to riding in a line and changing the front rider either every other lap or every lap as the session progressed. An individual timed sprint lap set the timings to create two equally matched teams of four riders. Each team started at opposite sides of the track at the top of the banking and riders left individually on a relay as their team mate passed the line. No idea what the result was – my legs and chest hurt too much to care 😫
5 or 10 minutes of cool down and then back to the changing rooms and away.
All in all a great afternoon out (or even indoors!).

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  1. Jon Lane Jon Lane says:

    Well done fella’s, the Club needs a bit more of this. Thanks again to Peter for pulling it all together… Cheers! Jon Lane (-: