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An alternative report by Jon Lane…

All. A few lines from our Sunday ride…
With the weather cooling a little, it was a steady Recreational Ride today Sunday 21st, with seven of us in all – descending on the ‘Delight’ café – Upminster Road South, at Rainham – arriving about 10.45 ish… We came from different directions… Sharon and Hanh met at the Old White Horse, shortly joined by Noel, Les and Andy.

Led by Sharon P it was off and along the leafy trail to Hornchurch Country Park – Ingrebourne Valley. Dave F – not so hot recently – at his own pace. Making an early start I took the south bank of the Thames, through the Greenwich foot tunnel and back down to Rainham. At the delightful ‘Delight’ café a very amiable natter with coffee and toast etc we set off together, across the parched but always pleasant Rainham marshes. Up the little incline to the Concrete Barges – with the ever inspiring expanse of the muddy old river Thames.
We rode the easy riverside path down to the RSPB Purfleet, lots of folks out and about, enjoying the scene… We looked for Bob D at the Barrel Store museum but no sign of him there… Onwards via the back route around the Circus Tavern towards home. Sharon led Hanh, Noel, Les and Andy through the Mardyke Valley, while Dave and me went straight ahead along the top road past Lakeside. In super company just another happy, ideal Gateway Cycling ride – a really ‘cool’ morning – Until the next ride… wishing everyone a Fab Week!
Jon Lane

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