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So, slowly slowly we start a drift towards normality. 

March 29th. the first step. This has widely been reported as a return to the Rule of Six (or two households) and this applies to outdoor spaces and back gardens. Obviously, this covers cycling in general. Where this has become more nuanced for cyclists, is that British Cycling has decided, that as some sports are allowed greater numbers, BC affiliated clubs will be allowed numbers up to 15 in a group. This, however, is only allowed whilst riding and at the start, stop and end points groups cannot be larger than six. And those groups of six should be fixed for the whole of the activity. They also suggested, although not stipulated, that groups take ‘a picnic’ to make the stops more manageable.
This, however, comes with many caveats and many of the problems you will be familiar with from past discussions. These include the rides having a more rigid structure than Gateway rides are used to with designated ride leaders, ride management, risk assessments, Covid mitigation responsibilities and a Test and Trace system in place.
Furthermore BC (and many of the various club representatives on a recent Zoom meeting) are worried about the public perception of such large groups of cyclists. The response of the Police is also a worry. Despite them saying they intend to contact the various forces they are suggesting groups carry a form letter explaining British Cycling’s policy.
Many club representatives on the meeting said they, for the moment, would stick to the Rule of Six.
You can probably see where this is going. We think that, for the moment, the Rule of Six is a safer option. It will still require many of the systems above but ones that we are familiar with and have already used in the last Rule of Six period. These are the usual hygiene protocols, social distancing at the start, stop and end points and importantly arranging ourselves in discreet groups of six at the start whilst organising the groups. Particularly important at Orsett where we are quite visible to the general public. A record needs to be kept of the group members.
The Stay at Home is being replaced with a Stay Local with local appearing to not be as local as it was previously.
So, six riders allowed to go somewhere other than the Puddledock, what’s not to like.

PS. Any members who think we have got this wrong please contact me as this has been a hard call to make but it is an interim period and better days are coming.

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  1. robert drake robert drake says:

    I have a record of todays group names if anyone is interested.