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Hi guys,
All this talk of cafes and New Year reminded me to check the British Cycling website to see if they had updated their advice, bearing in mind I think they were blindsided by the last-minute introduction of Tier 4. To be fair the government site, at the time, also said, in so many words, ‘Watch this space’.
Well BC did update on December 22nd. and there is a link to the government site.
Once again some of the rules seem a little ambiguous. I have emailed BC but their offices are closed at the moment so I’m waiting for a reply from someone I’ve spoken to in the past.
In the meantime, some extracts;
Groups should not pass into or out of ‘Stay at home’ (Tier 4) areas.
What I’m not sure about, is whether this means ‘into or out of’ Thurrock, as our Tier 4 area, or it means out of Tier 4 into another Tier level area.
Cafés in ‘Stay at home’ (Tier 4) areas are required to close.
Obviously, because of this they haven’t included any guidance for cafe stops but when we were in Tier 3 we were able to cycle (not drive) into other areas eg. Essex but weren’t able to stop at all outside our own area, Thurrock. Can’t believe Tier 4 is different even if you are allowed to cycle outside Thurrock. See above.
Tier 4 All club, group and recreation programme activities in England in ‘Stay at home’ Tier 4 areas are suspended.
What is without question however, is that you can only cycle singly or with one other person outside your household.
So, what you do with all of the above, is up to you. I am just the messenger and, on the strength of this email, not a very efficient one. Any legal minds out there might want to read the BC and government links for themselves. I am also not without sin, bearing in mind the other day I forgot Pike Lane is not in Thurrock.  However, I have tried to stick to government guidelines (along with 85% of people over Christmas according to a survey) not because I worry unduly about catching it (for some reason I always think I’m going to live forever) but because I’d hate to give it to someone else. Especially as perhaps one third of Covid positive people are asymptomatic.
We cyclists are however blessed, as the site for Tier 4 says, ‘You can continue to do unlimited exercise‘.
So, no excuse for slacking!
Philip Baker

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