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Tier 3

Sorry for this late response to us going into Tier 3 but I was having difficulty undestanding the, what seemed to be, contradictory advice on the British Cycling website with regard to group rides. It took a call to them to clear up the confusion.
The Rule of Six still applies and as a group ride you can cross tier boundaries (be they Tier 1, 2 or 3) providing you don’t stop for a break. You only stop in your own area.
However, you should not travel across a tier boundary for a group ride. Apparently, this means you shouldn’t drive to start a ride in another tier area. Your group rides should start in your area. There are exceptions which I don’t think will apply to many at the moment and these can be seen on the BC site.
All the previous restrictions re. social distancing etc. still obviously apply but Saturday, Sunday and Wednesday rides are still on!
Funny thing was that he prefaced all of this with what I have used on here in the past, ‘As far as we understand it………..’
Philip Baker

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