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Club night September 18th.

It’s club night but not as we know it, Back by popular demand! Thanks to the grace of God, HM Government and British Cycling. First post lockdown meeting September 18th. reverting in future months to the second Friday of the month.

Sadly no refreshments and lots of other rules to be adhered to. Rules of the hall itself. Nothing to do with me guv! These will follow closer to the time.

Might be a good time to remind people that we need to know who we are riding with and to keep a record for 14 days. On a Sunday I’ve been taking photos to record the whole group. I have asked people to keep a record of their riding groups. As I understand it if this isn’t done, if someone goes down with Covid, then the whole group will need to self isolate. And (South London accent) don’t forget I know where you live.


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  1. robert drake robert drake says:

    Look forward to the 18th.