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Gateway Committee Update

Hello all,

Rides and COVID 19

It’s good to see so many members out riding again. The Sunday and Wednesday rides are getting busier and other more select rides have made a comeback.

Thanks to Clint for reviving the Saturday social rides, which have already attracted some prospective new members.

Please remember that, during this unprecedented time, we have only been allowed to resume riding under Government and British Cycling guidelines. As mentioned in previous Gateways posts, please observe the rules:-

  • If you are feeling unwell, with covid symptoms, please do not attend ANY ride and if you have ridden with Gateway Members, please inform a Committee Member. Also, please report your condition as described in Government media
  • Group size maximum of 6, preferably less (2,3,4)  for social distancing and road safety reasons
  • Wash your hands – lots!
  • Maintain social distancing on and off the bike at meeting and cafe stops – that means 2 metres (or 1 metre plus depending on where you are)
  • Shake elbow’s NOT HANDS,
  • Don’t share food or others equipment
  • And remember – WASH YOUR HANDS!
  • Do these things and we will ALL be safe!!


Please keep this up – you know it makes sense!!

***Track and Trace ***

We have been able to resume riding on the understanding that we follow the guidelines laid down by British Cycling (adapted from government guidelines). An important aspect of these is the ability to track and trace those who have been in close contact with one another. As numbers increase, particularly on the Sunday ride, it is becoming more difficult to do this as a whole ride so it is important that someone from each group makes a note of the riders and keeps it for 14 days. A photo would suffice. As well as then complying with the law, I think (providing we are socially distant and only at the start for a few minutes) only the maximum six members of the riding group would then need to self isolate.(that would need to be confirmed if the worst happens).So please record those names. Then if anyone does test positive they can be passed to the club secretary so that the others can be contacted.

British Cycling – The Way Forward

The British Cycling plan to reintroduce all cycling activities is at Stage 4 of 6, with the proposal to reintroduce Sportives and “non competitive events” from the 5th September.

You can see all the latest news on the BC website

Risk Assessments

Another big thank you to Noel Edwards for his many hours creating Risk Assessments which are required for all ride activities. There is still some way to go on this, all RAs can be found on the Gateway website.

Club Nights

A couple of weeks ago Dave Fish, Phil Baker and Chris Garside met the organisers of Orsett Churches Centre to be briefed on the requirements for use of the hall. Dave and Cherie have spend a lot of time creating guidelines all based on Government requirements.

Even though other groups are using the hall and we can go to pubs and restaurants, British Cycling have not yet sanctioned club meetings. The Way Forward states…..

2.7 Club Meetings

The current advice is to avoid face-to-face meetings. Where possible hold meetings on a digital platform with appropriate security functions. These can be used to host one-on-one and large group meetings.

We have specifically asked BC when this ruling will change and we are waiting for a reply.

What this space!

Gateway Committee



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2 Responses to "Gateway Committee Update"

  1. robert drake robert drake says:

    Re Club Night,If other groups are back using the hall is it possible we could lose our friday night slotif we dont return soon.

  2. Hi Bob, we now have authorisation from BC to recommence our club nights. There is some work for the committee to do before hand, but we are planning on a club night on the 18th September and then back to our regular 2nd Friday in the month slot after that. More info soon.