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Welcome to the virtual Gateway Cycling AGM 2020

It’s very unfortunate that we cannot have a face to face AGM, eat pizza and have a beer afterwards, but coronavirus has had a devastating impact and we must do what we can to keep ourselves and our families safe. We’ll make up for it at another time.

We have tried to keep this process as brief as possible. Please do not assume that other members are going to carry out the committee’s request for this virtual AGM. Please read all of this post and please take action.

We would like you ALL to do 3 things please:-

  1. “Second” one of the club officers who have agreed to stand until AGM 2021
  2. Review the social media statement
  3. Review the financial documents


1. Club Officer Seconders

Please send an email to  specifying your name and the name of a Club Officer you wish to second. Please do not send an email saying “I’ll second them all”.

For ease, the names and roles of the club officers are listed below.

Club Officer Role
Vince Bevan Chair
Phil Baker General Secretary
Chris Garside Treasurer
Juan Garcia Sport
Paul Plumridge Coaching
Dave Fish Recreation
Teresa Clark Clothing
Chris Milne Club Welfare Officer



2. Social Media Statement

This Social Media Statement text will be added to the Gateway Cycling Constitution. Please review the document in the link below and send any comments to

Social Media Statemen...


3. Financial Documents

Gateway Cycling accounts for the calendar year 2019 have been completed, approved by Jeff Bell, posted to HMRC and Companies House web sites and corporation tax paid. Send any comments relating to club finances to


Treasurer Statement A...


2019 statement from J...


The only MANDATORY action to enable the continued running of Gateway Cycling is for you to second a club officer. Please do not assume that someone else is going to respond, if we don’t get responses from a quorum of 20 different members, this process will be VOID!!!!

The virtual AGM 2020 will end on Friday 12th June at mid day 12.00.

Thanks to everyone for reading this far and to those stalwarts of the club for riding, Zwifting, raising money for the NHS, doing 41 mile rides at the age of 82 and keeping in touch with each other.

The roads are getting busier so please do more than “stay alert”. Take care, stay safe and we’ll see you on the other side.

Gateway Cycling Committee

Chris Garside

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23 Responses to "Welcome to the virtual Gateway Cycling AGM 2020"

  1. says:

    I second Phil Baker and Peter and I as family member agree to the social and financial statement
    Regards Teresa

    1. Hi Teresa, can you email this to

      please. Thanks. Chris

  2. Alan Hale Alan Hale says:

    Good afternoon, finally managed to log in, have social media statement which seems perfectly reasonable and have read statement of accounts. From the page I understand this process continues until midday on the 12th of this month (June 2020). Given that I understand we only have one choice of seconding any board member, I will consider whom I will second over the next couple of days and send the name to the relevant email.

  3. Hi Alan, thanks for your message, hope you are well. Yes please email


  4. says:

    I second Juan Garcia and I have read the other attached information.

    1. Hi Anthon, thanks very much. Can you please email

      So that we have a permanent records of the responses?

      Thanks Chris

  5. robert drake robert drake says:

    Thanks Chris for once again keeping us on the straight and narrow what at first appeared a trifle misty suddenly became as clear as day.

    1. I think we just all need to keep trucking on like you Bob.

  6. Jon Lane Jon Lane says:

    Dear Committee.

    Thanks for doing all this – everything looks well in order…

    I’ve Seconded Dave Fish as Recreational Sec – via Club Secretary Phil B as requested, and also…

    Juan Garcia Sports and Chris Milne Welfare.

    I hope this is acceptable and is for all members information.

    As always – keep pedaling folks.


    Jon Lane (-:

  7. says:

    A big thank you to the Committee for keeping us all in order during these strange times.

    As Jon says, keep peddling everyone!

    1. Thanks Frances, let’s hope we’re all back together, safely, soon.

  8. says:

    Have read, and am happy with, all the documents and happy to second Chris Milne as welfare officer.

    1. Hi Nick,
      Thanks very much.

    2. Philip Baker Philip Baker says:

      Hi Nick,

      Thanks for participating but any chance you could resend this to so that all the responses are permanently recorded in one place.



  9. Philip Baker Philip Baker says:

    Hi guys,

    Thanks for all the responses on here and for those that have followed up with messages to The system is working seamlessly.


  10. robert drake robert drake says:

    Have we got a Quorum yet.?

    1. That, as they say, would be telling. We would like as many members as possible to view the post and documents. All will be revealed on the 12th June, or there abouts.

  11. says:

    Can you email me your email address please Chris so I can post some questions directly to you regarding the Financial Statements please. Thanks Sharon Phillips

    1. Hi Sharon, if you did email me I didn’t receive it?

  12. Sharon Phillips says:

    I’ve just emailed you Chris. Thanks for email address

  13. says:

    I second Chris Milne as Club Welfare Officer.

    1. Philip Baker Philip Baker says:

      Hi Peter,

      Thanks for participating but any chance you could resend this to so that all the responses are permanently recorded in one place.