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From the Gateway Cycling Committee

It’s good to see so many members out on the road, observing social distancing rules and riding safely, as well as arranging group riding on Zwift and other online platforms, getting fitter and keeping in touch with each other.
Around this time of year we would have held the club AGM 2020, voted in new club officers, been told about club finances, had a chat, eaten pizza and had a drink in the Foxhounds. Social distancing makes that kind of difficult this year, so on 11th May the Gateway committee had a brief meeting via Zoom to discuss a way forward.
Brief outcome was –
the current club officers have agreed to stand until the 2021 AGM
the club constitution will be updated to include social media statements
the club accounts for the calendar year 2019 have been submitted and corporation tax paid
We need you as members to ratify the above. If all goes to plan, on the 1st June we will post a statement on the Gateway website along with relevant documents. We ask you to simply to take action as requested in the statement.
Finally, some active (e.g.on Whatsapp) club members have not paid their 2020 subs, it would be appreciated if they would complete the online form on the club website and make a payment please.
And very finally, “stay alert” whatever that may mean. Stay safe, take care and we’ll see you on the other side.
Many thanks.
Gateway Cycling Committee
Chris Garside

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4 Responses to "From the Gateway Cycling Committee"

  1. robert drake robert drake says:

    Thanks committee for your continuing hard work, much appreciated.

    1. Thanks Bob, you are appreciated very much as well.

  2. robert drake robert drake says:

    Pretty thankless job judging by response here,was facebook any more responsive.

  3. Hi Bob, it’ll be fine. Yes a few thank you’s and positive comments. Let’s see how it goes on the 2st June.