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Midweek Ride 11th March

Thirteen riders assembled at Orsett today,after short discussion on advisability of group cafe stops in the wake of the current virus situation it was unanimously decided to carry on as usual for the moment but of course not take any unnecessary risks and review situation as time progresses.The weather today was good for riding except for the wind which although not of a too dangerous nature made for some hard riding in some directions.Usual split into groups of slightly different pace, from a personal point of view I managed to hang on the back of a group consisting of Bert,Phil and Andy, this is getting to be my usual back marker place these days,only to be expected I suppose as the end game must surely be approaching.Much chat over a sociable lunch before leaving for pacey return with those returning via Bulphan forming a helpful no drop group,thanks for that.This coming Friday is club night and hope to see a good turnout but no hand shaking or hugging though.Bob D.

robert drake

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Gateway member from day one 2007. Also member of CTC, VCC, Forty Plus CC and the Fellowship of Cycling Old Timers. Am interested in cycling history especially from the 1950s and 1960s.

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  1. Philip Baker Philip Baker says:

    End game. Good name for a computer game Bob. You should design one.