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Midweek Ride Today

No report last week as although usual good turnout nothing of particular note or out of the ordinary took place so did’nt want to bore you unduly with the mundane. Much the same could be said again this week but here goes anyway.Fourteen members out today soon split into a medium size group and a couple of small groups on the road.Unfortunately Tina suffered a puncture at the start so with Chris G made straight for cafe after making repairs.I made up a double act with Phil B who pulled me whole way round outward leg at around 15mph and we were last to cafe stop.I understand the fastest group averaged nearly 19 mph with the others in between.Puddledock very busy again today so a table of ten  another of four ensued,it was great to see Nick G with us after missing a few weeks, Nick has some serious health issues but is soldiering on and we wish him well.On leaving for home we were split again by heavy traffic and the quickest group away were gone and not seen again.Three or four of us managed to form a group after some serious work by  Keith W who pulled us all the back to Orsett.This got me thinking about the age makeup of the regulars of this group,one over eighty, three over seventy some in their sixties and a few younger. The three over seventies are all in the fittest and quickest group of the clubs members a tribute to their dedication and an example to us all.The weather today was glorious for the time of year and makes one grateful to be out on the bike with like minded people, long may it continue. Bob D.

robert drake

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Gateway member from day one 2007. Also member of CTC, VCC, Forty Plus CC and the Fellowship of Cycling Old Timers. Am interested in cycling history especially from the 1950s and 1960s.

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  1. Jon Lane Jon Lane says:


    Yet another super write up which we all read and thoroughly enjoy – though not always reply… May see you this Wednesday. Cheers!

    Jon L (-: