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Cycle Jumble

Hi All,this coming saturday fellow member Ivan Brown and myself will be attending a cycle jumble in Ripley village hall and grounds not far from Guilford in surrey.For the uninitiated a cycle jumble is like a boot fair for bikes and anything cycling related,from a nut and bolt to complete bikes of all shapes and sizes,prices from a few pence to thousands of pounds.I am hoping to sell some stuff from my collection to make a bit of garage space but these events are great social occasions where you can meet up with many interesting people from the cycling world.This particular meet is one of the biggest in the country with up to 100 stalls and people visit from all over the world.Hope to give a favorable report next week. Bob D

robert drake

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Gateway member from day one 2007. Also member of CTC, VCC, Forty Plus CC and the Fellowship of Cycling Old Timers. Am interested in cycling history especially from the 1950s and 1960s.

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