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The Gateway Website Forum

A few words to clarify the position of the forum. Only Gateway members, who were logged in with a Gateway account, had access to read or write forum posts. The rest of the world could not see the forum posts written by the likes of Bob Drake, Dave Fish, Jon Lane and others. I’m not sure how many members saw them either.
The posts e.g. Bob’s Wednesday ride, you see when you access the web site have been copied from the forum and then published as web posts. This enables the whole world to see the amazing rides and activities we have been engaged in.
A selection of members including Bob, Dave and Jon, have now been given Gateway website permissions to create and publish web posts. This means we no longer need to copy those (hidden) forum posts and publish them, and Gateway members and the rest of the world get to see what we are doing.
Day to day ride chat happens very effectively on Whatsapp, and sometimes Gateway website posts get copied to Facebook. The next HUGE step may be to get Bob to write on Facebook. Watch this space.
Chris Garside

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