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From Bob D

Hi all forum readers,I have been informed that as from the 1st of Sept the club committee have decided to close the Gateway club forum.Although I think I understand their reasoning for this I for one will be sorry to see it go.Looking back through the last few years contributions it becomes obvious that only three or four of us have availed ourselves of this facility with myself making the most use of it to publish my weekly ramblings.In this technological age of Whats App and Facebook which the other 96% of the members seem to prefer the end of the Forum was I suppose inevitable.However for the next month I shall try to fill it up with more of my useless ramblings. In this vein,Fifteen riders took part in todays midweek ride, three from Grays and twelve from Orsett all arriving at cafe stop in about four groups.Listening to the chat around me it seems most people are still happy with these midweek jaunts and hopefully this will remain so. Till the next time I remain

Yours Bob D

Reply from Dave Retigan

Thanks Bob, I enjoy your ride reports and for what it is worth I think many others do to.


And from me Chris G.

I’ll have to agree Dave R. Keep them coming Bob.

Chris G

Chris Garside

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    Bob your ride reports are great! It will be a shame if they go.