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Bob’s mid week ride this week

From Bob D

Fifteen riders on todays midweek jaunt round the local lanes and a sociable brunch at the Puddledock cafe.I was soon off the back as usual so have nothing much to say about the groups ride as they were soon out of sight up the road.Andy and I rode together as far as Corbetts Tey from where I took the Sunnings lane short cut and arrived at cafe a couple of minutes before the group having ridden about five miles less.I understand most of them averaged over 18mph to this point.The fast pace was maintained on the return trip which ended safely and incident free. After only missing about half a dozen wednesdays in the last seven years this was probably the last time I shall regularly attend.Next week six of the regulars will be on holiday but hopefully some of you will keep everything going.Bob D.

From Jon Lane

Bob. A most enjoyable ride out today – perfect cycling weather… I was a bit late at Orsett, so in brief I went the ‘reverse’ way around the route, via Fen Lane, meeting the main group coming back along Warwick Lane. We pretty much monopolised Puddle Dock. As always great chat – none too seriously – solving all our problems… (-: Bob. Thanks to your leadership many of us look forward to and enjoy this little mid week outing. Summer holidays or not, rain or shine, many or few – we’ll be there next Wednesday. Stay upright, keep pedaling … and a Big Cheers!!! to All. Jon L.

From Andy R

Bob a big thanks to you from me. Your mid week ride has been something to look forward to every week as it catered for the medium cyclist.
I will still keep coming just hope it does not get too extreme?

From Bob D

Thanks Andy,It has always been the highlight of the week for me,a time to actually ride in a Gateway group, but for some time now I seem to end up riding most of the circuit on my own,this is something I can do any day of the week,but times change,things evolve and maybe to use your words perhaps it has become too extreme for me already.As an aside I mostly ride this circuit at 16 mph which is 2 to 4 mph faster than when we started several years ago so I dont think its the deteriation of my performance thats making the difference but the vast improvement and aspirations of everyone else ,this has and always will be the future.

From Chris G

Hi Bob,
I certainly hope you do stick with us. It would not be the same without you. It is Bob’s mid week ride. I have been inspired, to my current level of fitness, by you.
See you next week.
Chris G

Chris Garside

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