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Mid Week Ride 27th March

From Jon L

Ten of us made the Tilbury ferry on time and completed the planned circuit, back in Essex, safe and sound, before the return, 2pm ferry cut off… The Cliffe cafe served us well with good grub and friendly service – all this overlooking the lake – Buckland Lake Reserve. Mark, (Taff…) had repeated mechanical problems – chain jumping from the big cog and wedging hard between the spokes and the top cog – I’m sure many have experienced this! Despite this and a few other small hiccups… we all stayed together. – with much help, support and encouragement from everyone. (Special thanks to Peter C, Vic C and Ivan – capable and experienced riders…) Mark doggedly persevered, with his usual good humour – which we all enjoyed…

It was great to be out with a bunch of ‘good old boys’ like yourselves – again pulling together when things got difficult. Mark – mate, your bike needs radical surgery!!! (-:

My only moan – I didn’t have time to eat my favourite coffee flavoured ice cream at the Gravesend waterfront cafe – again!!!

Bob. If it’s OK with you, next month we’ll head for Upnor Castle (The Kings Arms) for another Wednesday ride, date to be arranged. I’ll probably do a ‘check it out’ ride beforehand and post details here if you, or anyone would like to come as well.



From Bob D

Well done John for organising and leading this ride,yes there were a couple of hiccups mainly involving our adopted welshman but as you say help was at hand within the group to get us to our destination and back again safe and sound. As you know I am no lover of hills but even I enjoyed this rolling route which included nearly 2000 ft of climbing nearly all of it on the outward stretch with the mostly flat return leg allowing us to up the pace and make a seven mile sprint for the ice cream parlor on Gravesend promenade.Sorry you missed yours due to shepherding Taff duties.I am sure the Upnor Castle pub trip will be just as popular and successful. Bob D.

From Vic D

Thanks Jon for leading the ride to the Cliff Cafe. I always enjoy these rides. They are always different to the norm. Always good to see the group looking out for each other. Looking forward to the Upnor ride.
Regards Vic Davies.

Chris Garside

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  1. Taffy says:

    Thanks to everyone for a great days ride and for the people who helped me with my bike
    I have now washed and service the bike and will be back wednesday with a big???