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Air Ambulance CPR Session

At our March Club Night Tony Stone and Adam Carr from Essex & Herts Air Ambulance gave an informative and lively talk and demonstration to 30 Gateway Club members.

Following a presentation, we practised CPR on manikins and then listened to an AED (Automated External Defibrillator) instruct us humans what to do. Luckily the AED’s were not really giving “shocks” and no one was hurt during this demonstration ? For some of us this was a welcome refresher from previous first aid courses and for others it was their first opportunity to try out CPR.

Coffee, tea and cake was, of course, consumed during the evening. There was much discussion about what we had learned and how the air ambulance and ambulance service had helped one of our club members last year.

At the end of the evening a donation of £250 (agreed by the Gateway Committee) and an additional £5 from a club member was made to the air ambulance to be forwarded on by Tony and Adam.

On behalf of the Committee and Club members we would like to thank Essex & Herts Air Ambulance for a fun and informative evening, all in all a great Club Night made even better by so many members being present.

Chris Garside

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