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Mid week ride today 9th January 2019

From Bob D.

Eight riders at Orsett today. Jon L had left early for a run up to Woolwich arranging to meet us at the Puddle later.Vic D hung back to ride with me while the others gradually pulled away and were out of sight before reaching Bulphan. Vic and myself took the Sunnings lane short cut and arrived at the cafe a couple of minutes before the fast boys.The temp at start was a chilly 2 degrees and with a bit of wind chill took a few miles to warm up enough to feel comfortable.Fortunately after lunch the temp had risen to a more bearable 6 and the sun came out and with the wind mostly favorable the return via the Top Meadow route for a change was a pleasure especially as the pace set enabled everyone to arrive back in Orsett together which is not usually the case these days. Club night is this coming friday and 2019 fees are due so hope to see a good turn out.

Bob D

Chris Garside

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