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Midweek Ride 21st November 2018

From Bob D.

Nine riders at Orsett start today. Due to certain factors the eastern route was abandoned and usual loop decided upon. As often happens a leading group were soon disappearing up the road and nine became six and three ones with myself as lanterne rouge, pardon my poor french. The weather was cold but bright and sunny, with the roads still wet and a bit greasy from yesterdays rain I set a comfortable pace and ambled along by a shortened route to the Puddle not seeing anything of the others until they arrived a little later minus Bert. It transpired he had sustained a puncture whilst on his own and had taken quite a bit of time to fix, no other incidents were reported thus far. Having taken the shorter route out decided to take slightly longer one back so was solo again back to Orsett. Sun had now disappeared behind increasing cloud cover and wind now in the face made ride a little less pleasant but still good for late november. Didn’t see anyone on road home so assume everyone made it Ok. Hope to see a good turn out again next week.

Bob D.

Chris Garside

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