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Mid week ride today – Wednesday 24 October 2018

From Bob D.

Hi all, the record breaking continues,lovely warm late october weather and a new record of nineteen riders for the Gateway wednesday group. Setting off for the usual Berwich Ponds loop this number split into several smaller groups which was probably just as well as a group of nineteen on our congested local lanes may have annoyed a few motorists and we wouldn’t want to do that would we.I cant comment too much on the actual ride as for most of it I was viewing it from a considerable way back but everyone seemed to be happy at the cafe stop.Some members expressed a desire for a change of destination if the weather remains good and the Blackmore area was mooted as a possibility for next week.So next wednesday I will be asking those who turn up whether they want to do this.It maybe some will want to stay local but I dont see this as a problem with this as the higher numbers these days would easily allow for two separate groups Although I personally wouldn’t want this arrangement to become permanent as I think it may destroy the sociability of the group and after all this was never meant to be a training ride or anything other than a midweek get together.However as I have been told many times things evolve so we will have to see and as in the words of the other Bob D (Dylan ) The Times They Are A’changing.


Bob D

Chris Garside

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