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Mid Week Ride 19th September 2018

From Bob D.

Hi all, am finally able to make a short report after delay due to computer glitzes which I am assured are now all fixed. I really enjoyed this weeks ride as all nine starters were able to ride the complete loop as one group, this was enabled by the faster riders deciding to slightly slow their normal pace so that the rest of us didn’t get dropped , thanks to them for that as it made a nice change to all arrive at the Puddle together.We were joined there by John L who had made an early start to go up to Woolwhich, cross the river and return via the ferry and back to join us for lunch. By the time we left for home the wind had risen alarmingly and the four of us who returned to Orsett were buffeted about especially in Dunnings lane where it was a job to keep upright but all ended well and the general feeling was that we had enjoyed another great day out.

Bob D

Chris Garside

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