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Canvey Island Recreation Ride 2012

Sunday 24th April was the first recreation ride of 2012.  Seven of us met Bob, our ride leader, outside Benfleet train station on a gloriously sunny spring morning.  We were soon off on a mix of skinny and fat tyred hybrid and mountain bikes and over the Canvey Bridge onto the island.

Our first stop, albeit brief, was the Canvey Lake Local Nature Reserve.  At the east end of the lake sits the Oysterfleet Hotel which was built on the site of The Oysterfleet Country Club, home of Dr. Feelgood.

A short ride further on and we reach the Castle Point Transport Museum where we are shown round by Marian Pattern.  We all enjoyed the tour, learning about the history of some of the buses, viewing the exhibits and seeing the model railway.  I’m sure sitting on these old buses brought back memories for us all.

Castle Point Transport Museum

Castle Point Transport Museum

Back on the bikes we made our way down to the seafront for refreshments.  Sitting in the sunshine next to the sea wall we couldn’t have asked for better weather.

Castle Point Transport Museum

Tea and cake stop on the seafront

Seven teas, one Tango, four cakes, four ice-creams and a sausage sandwich later we were refuelled and ready to continue.  We made our way west along the sea wall and then turned off to join Thorney Bay Road.  Following Bob we road on to Roscommon Way.  The wind was against us down here but luckily just a light breeze.  We stopped to admire the Occidental Petroleum jetty at Holehaven Creek and then rode to the RSPB Nature Reserve at West Canvey Marsh.

A rough ride through the stony car-park and a quick lift of our bikes over the bank and we were on the smooth reserve path.  We stopped in the reserve to look out over the marsh and enjoy the scenery.

West Canvey Marsh

West Canvey Marsh

Once we left the nature reserve it was time to head back to the train station.  A rutted ride down the cycle path next to the Canvey Road, back over bridge and our journey was complete.

You can view the route we took on

If you are interested in taking part in a future recreation ride then keep an eye out on this website.  Information about our next two rides can be find in the Event Calendar and here.

Paul Plumridge

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3 Responses to "Canvey Island Recreation Ride 2012"

  1. says:

    Great article Paul with some good pictures….well done.
    And well done to all who took part 🙂
    Good advert for the club.
    Hopefully this might encourage others to write about their exploits on their bikes?

    go forth and flog the cog!!!!!

    Gruppy Gary

  2. says:

    Hi Paul,

    Very well done on the article, was a great ride. Thankyou to Bob for oranising it and the great weather you provided. Very disapointed that I cant make the next 2 due to other commitments.


  3. Jon Lane says:

    This is a great write up, I feel as though I’m riding along with you… I’m just sorry I could’nt make it there – a serious ‘mechanical’ on route.

    Bob – thanks for the organising.

    All the best.