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What does 2017 hold?

Now that we are edging into 2017 and I think that winter riding/training is firmly underway.

Have you thought about what 2017 will hold for you?

Have you set a goal to achieve this year? An event you want to set a PB in? Something new you would like to try? Move up a group on a Sunday ride? Give a club training ride ago? Give racing a go? Concur a mountain?

It’s good to set targets and goals of varying levels no matter your type of riding and fitness. They are all relative to YOU!

As a club people here can help you set and achieve them and encourage you to keep pushing when times are hard.

Why not take some time to think about what I’ve mentioned above and post yours. There are many experienced members here that would be willing to help your set goal and reach them. So why not give it a go.

Let’s interact more as a club across all the variable, ages, sexes, ride groups, racers and recreational riders etc.

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  1. robert drake robert drake says:

    Hi,my goal is to be still riding my bikes at age 80, as I still have 15 months to go I suppose survival is the best to hope for in 2017.Bob D.