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New Club Kit

To all members.

At the December Club meeting (Friday 11th) we have arranged for a representative from our new club kit supplier to attend. They will be bringing samples of the new kit (not in our design) in a full range of sizes from extra small to 5XL so you can all try them on and we can get the correct sizes for everyone with regard to new orders, and future orders, that we will be placing.

Also in regards to our female members the new shorts have the option of being fitted with a female or male specific gel seat pad at no extra cost, we thought that these seat pads were very good and were a considerable improvement over the ones that we are currently using.

The new kit is of better quality, is still manufactured in Italy, and it is used by a lot of other clubs and racer’s from Essex. We have also managed to keep the cost down to the same as the current kit, but the lead time in turnaround is much quicker, so all in all it is a win/win for the club.

If you don’t require new kit at the moment, but think that you may want to order club kit in the near future, please attend on the night so that you can try on the new kit and we can record what size you would need.

Steve will be taking orders on the night and will require a £20 deposit for each item of clothing, with the proviso that we get the minimum orders of 10 per item.
After we have placed the initial order of 10 for each item of clothing, the minimum order will then go down to 5 per item, so this will make it easier to get kit ordered in the future.

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    So what is the Cost of the Jersey?