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Half Term (Time Trial) Report

Hello all, we’ve just passed the halfway mark in the Summer TT series and it’s looking good!

We’ve had 34 different riders take part this year, and we’ve had 8 dry TT’s so far!

Most riders have improved as the summer has gone on, with PB’s being posted nearly every week. We had some problems during the first few weeks with a lorry parked outside the nursery just before the turn into Fen Lane, but thankfully that hasn’t happened in the last couple of TT’s.
I’ve only done the timekeeping once this year, as I showed Colin how to do it and he’s been enjoying himself so much that he’s done it every week since then! He’s been doing such a good job that I’m quite happy to let him do it and have a nice break from it. Thanks Colin.

We should be able to fit in another six TT’s before the light starts to go at the end of August (only 161 days until Christmas!), so get down to Dunning Lane and have a go.

The riders times have been impressive this year. We have had Bob Drake’s 22:36, very impressive for a man of his age. Matt Saunders pinched the club record from Paul Turton this week with a blistering 16:04 (that was cruel Matt, Paul only held it for 3 weeks :-)). Vickie is improving from week to week and is now just under a 21mph average, that target should tumble on her next ride. Kevin Cox is steadily getting his times down and is now approaching the low 17’s (16 minutes has got to be your target for next year Kev?).
3 riders have ridden at every TT so far, Paul Eve, Chris Papouis, and Matt Saunders, although only Paul and Chris have finished all of them after Matt had a coming together with a van in the first TT. Fastest time of the year (and all previous years) was recorded by Simon Alexander riding as a guest, he went around the course in 15:09!

Our TT is not just about people recording fast times, impressive though they are, it’s about everyone enjoying their own ride and trying to beat their best times. So well done all, give yourselves a pat on the back, and use the next 6 TT’s to improve even more.

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