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Gateway Weekly Summer Time Trial

During the summer Gateway Cycling runs a weekly time trial on a Wednesday evening. This year we are starting on Wednesday 27th May, see the Summer Time Trial page (under the ‘Road’ tab at the top of the page) for details.

We would like to encourage all riders to take part, remember that it is not a contest between riders, but a chance to see how you can improve your own performance and to give yourself a little test during the summer months.

The course is shorter than the winter TT at 6.84 miles, this is a fairly short distance but it enables us to run the series for a bit longer as the days start to get shorter.

This time trial is aimed at beginners to this sort of event, you are not racing against other riders, the aim is to see how you improve against your own best time. Everybody is welcome to take part and you can ride whatever bike you like so long as it’s roadworthy and in a safe condition, all types of cycles are welcome (who’s brave enough to turn up on a unicycle?). This is a small, friendly event and all riders are welcome to come and get a recorded time.

As before we would welcome riders that are not members of Gateway Cycling Club to take part, so long as you are not a member of, or affiliated to, any other cycling club.

We would especially welcome more young riders, and women, as currently these groups are under represented.

There is no entry fee, just turn up and ride.

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