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MSG Ability Awards

A message to all young riders in the Eastern Region from MSG Lead Coach, Steve Manser:


Let me introduce myself, my name is Steve Manser I am a level 2 Mountain Bike coach with British Cycling, I have one goal this year and that is to make the Eastern Region Youths great when it comes to Mountain bike riding and racing.

How am going to do that I hear you say, well. After talking with a number of Eastern clubs it came apparent that there is no real structure to MTB coaching, many riders just turn up to a race and race hoping to pick something up, other attend club session mixed up with a little bit on and off road and track, so the plan is have a set of goals to work towards. So I bring you MSG Ability Awards.

Up until now MTB coaching has always been, we will do this, we will do that, with no real way to monitor and record a riders progress or measure their performance alongside others. This is all about to change in the Eastern Region. We also found a number of great riders turn up and race every weekend and never get on the podium, so they never real get rewarded for all there hard work. With MSG Ability Awards they will.

The awards are designed to give all the youngsters (and adults alike) something to aim for throughout the year with a total of 8 awards to be achieved.

Level 1 should be easily achieved by anyone who has been biking for a few months, with Levels 2 and 3 following; these three awards will be aimed at all under 12 riders. Levels 4, 5 and 6 will be aimed at all under 16’s. The final two awards can be achieved if you exceed everything in your age group and go over and beyond every other rider.

Once a rider has achieved a level they will earn themselves a nice certificate and colour flash to attach to their race number, something to proudly display to others of their great achievement.

To gain your award all you have to do is display the skills you have learnt to Me (MSG Lead Coach) at either an MSG event or Aspire Coaching day or to upload a video of yourself completing all the skill in particular level to the MSG Instagram page or Facebook page for me to view, or if any club coaches want to get involved and help please say, because the more youth we can get involved the better.

MSG Ability Awards work sheets
These can be down loaded from the Mud Sweat Gears web site
all work sheets will detailing the skills required to attain a particular level.

This will also help me when it come to picking a team of riders to represent the Eastern Region when we go to the Inter Region Championships later in the year.

Kind Regards
Steve Manser

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