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Gateway Santa Ride 2014

On Sunday 21st December the, now annual, Gateway Santa Ride took place. This year’s charity, nominated by a club member, was Little Havens Hospice.

Club members raised, through sponsorship and donations, £600.  National Grid will donate an additional £400, making a grand total of £1000! Well done Gateway and thank you National Grid!

Dave R would like us to pass on:

A massive thank you to everyone who gave so generously and also many thanks to Rob for organising the ride and Steve for the great job he did with the filming. I know everyone enjoyed the ride and it’s great that the sponsor money is going to such a worthy cause.

Now, for your enjoyment, we present the ‘Little Havens Hospice – Santa Ride 2014’. Best viewed in HD!


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  1. says:

    Great video and great ride. Well done for organising it and raising so much money. Rudolf will be out of action for a while as I had a nasty fall on ice coming down Fen Lane yesterday. My poor old bike is a mess! I’m a bit battered too with 5 stitches in my knee. Hope to see you all when we’ve both recovered. Be careful out there.
    Karen xx