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Waltham Abbey Recreation Ride – Saturday 11th October

The sky above was cloudy as we started the ride from Limehouse station.

The five of us cycled along the Lee canal through Hackney and Walthamstow Marshes for a short stop at Springfield Park. The whole area was a hive of activity with rowers, cyclists and joggers. It was tempting to stay longer to watch them.

We continued northwards along the tow path past the numerous house boats moored along the bank up to Enfield. At this point we left the river and cycled through the Meridian Park into Waltham Abbey.

We were only there a short while before we went over to the Riverside Cafe for some much needed lunch. By then it had brightened up and we were soon heading southwards along a muddy path through the Olympic Park to the Greenway. From there we rode to West Ham to get the train home.

It was an enjoyable day out for us all

Two points of interest.
Many thanks for Chris for the master class he gave whilst repairing the punctures we were plagued with.
Secondly, congratulations to Bja as the ride distance of 35 miles was her longest ever ride.

Waltham Abbey Recreation Riders

Waltham Abbey Recreation Riders

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