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Gateway Summer Time Trial Series – Week 10

Hello all

This week we had twelve riders, all of them were optimistic about getting a PB as there was an easterly wind pushing them along St Marys Lane (hooray!), but it was the headwind along Fen Lane (boo!) that slowed a few of them down.

Out of the twelve, four of them got their PB, John W, Rob G, Kevin C and Chris Ma (two Chris M’s, it gets very confusing), well done.
Of those Kev and Rob managed to get into the 17’s after big efforts on their previous attempts prompting big smiles from the pair of them, of the others most of them got to within a few seconds of a PB, so that bodes well for the remaining 4-5 weeks.

Matt experimented with a ‘1940’s Hollywood actress’ style skinsuit this week, but it seemed to make him a bit slower than usual. I was going to post a picture on here but after looking at it again (it burns my eyes every time I see it) I think it’s best to spare his embarrassment! It will be available for viewing on the club runs though 🙂

Link to results sheet

As we get nearer to August and it starts to get darker earlier in the evenings we will have to think about when we end the series. We should still be able to get another four in, and then we will play it by ear as to whether we will squeeze another one in.

If you are thinking of coming down and giving it a go for the first time there are still enough weeks left to see an improvement in your times. Everyone is welcome, especially beginners of either sex.

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