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Gateway Summer Time Trial Series – Week 7

We’re halfway through the series now and it’s really is feeling like summer with it being lovely and warm in the evenings, things were warming up nicely on the roads last night as well.

So far this year we have had 28 different riders try their hand at our TT. For week 7 we had 11 riders, 8 regulars, 2 returning to us from last year, Trevor W and Chris M, and 1 TT novice, welcome to the TT Linda H.

6 riders recorded their best times of the year so far, France H, Paul J, Kevin C, Paul E, Ken H, and Ian S.

Of these 6 Kevin took a spectacular 1 minute and 2 seconds off of his PB for the year taking his time down to 18:07, and Ian put in a big effort to squeeze into the 17’s, the benefit of their trip to the Alps is showing now. Chris rode his folding bike (an Airnimal), and Trevor rode tonight on a fixed wheel bike, (full mudguards included),  both of them did well and were in the 19’s. Linda recorded a good time and I’m sure she will improve on this as she learns the course in the coming weeks, Sam B just missed a PB for the year only being 1 second slower than last week, and Matt S is still experimenting! Richard W arrived at the start in Dunnings lane in spectacular fashion when one of his rear spokes snapped with a loud crack just as he stopped, unfortunately he couldn’t ride the TT as his tyre was rubbing on the frame. Did you get home OK Richard?

Click here for the results sheet, I’ve sorted it this week into alphabetical order

Big thanks go to Colin, our marshal for the evening.

Next week is Tour de France week so everyone should be well motivated to emulate their favourite pro rider. Mine is Adam Hansen who likes a beer whilst going up a mountain, this probably explains why I’m a timekeeper and not a rider in the TT 🙂

Even though we’re halfway through the series we still welcome new riders to the TT. It is not a race between riders, the aim of this TT is to see how much you can improve over several weeks riding the same course, and you can ride any type of bike (so long as it is safe).

Click here for a link to the time trial info page

See you all in Dunnings Lane at 7:15pm next Wednesday.

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  1. Richard Walkden says:

    Lol! Yep, I managed to wobble wobble my way back home accompanied by Matt part of the way and Linda for some of the rest. Time to swap to my recently repaired Mavic Cosmic SL’s….snf see how long it takes before they go ‘ping’ on our super smooth roads!! 😉