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Gateway Summer Time Trial Series – Week 2

Getting better, 9 riders this week, which was 9 more than I expected due to the weather looking a bit grim.

It remained dry and there wasn’t any wind to speak of, which kept the excuses at bay this evening.  We had 4 riders back from last week, with 3 of them putting in a better time, Ken H, Ian S, and Graeme G, and our regular ‘guest’ Simon A who was on his slow bike!

Another 5 riders had their first ride this year, although they had ridden last year, welcome back Richard W, Rob H, Paul E, Matt S, and Chris B. All of them put in very respectable times and it’s looking like everyone is putting in a lot of effort to improve, making last summer’s times looking slow now.

Here’s the link to the results sheet. The boxes highlighted in yellow denote the fastest time posted by the rider this year, the percentages in the white boxes show how much slower the ride was compared to the riders fastest time. All as clear as mud now!


Lets hope we see some new riders next week as this is what this event is organised for, I also expect to see some old faces from last year as well. See you all next Wednesday, start time at 7:15pm.

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