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Gateway Summer Time Trial Series – Week 1

It didn’t feel much like summer this evening as it was very grey and was threatening to rain.

We had seven riders tonight which wasn’t bad for the first TT, and we always seem to get off to a slow start at the beginning of the series anyway, although I expect the numbers to improve once we get some warmer, brighter evenings.

There were six club members and one guest. Six of these rode last year, Dennis G, Ken H, Ian S, Kev C, Graeme G, and our guest Simon A, and one ‘newbie’ Joe S.

Even though the weather was a bit miserable the magnificent 7 all put in a good effort, and I’m sure that their times will improve as the summer progresses. Click on the link below to see the times that were posted by everyone…

If you’re worried that you’ll miss out because you didn’t ride in the first TT it doesn’t matter as there are another 14 Wednesday’s until the end of the series, as we aim to run these every Wednesday evening until the 27th August. If you want more information click on ‘Gateway Summer Evening Time Trial’ in the ‘Road’ section of the Gateway website, or use this link…

Well done everyone, and I hope to see more of you at 7:15pm next Wednesday.

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