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A Christmas Message from the Chairman

It has been another cracking year for British cycling – two Tours de France in a row are enough to stir excitement and patriotism in the hearts of even the least competitive and most ardently recreational cyclists.

Gateway Cycling has not missed out on this flush of enthusiasm. Our membership is up by about 50% compared to 2012 and in every branch of cycling the efforts of our members continue to increase.

The roads around Thurrock are oft times awash with the distinctive blue colours of the club and more and more members are venturing further afield to display those colours in major sportives and other prominent events. On the track, too, our kit is becoming more noticeable with an increasing number of members putting in first class performances throughout the summer.

I am sure that this progress will not falter in the coming years but, on the contrary, it will increase and the status of the club will continue to grow in the cycling community with more involvement in every discipline of our sport.

Most members will by now be aware of my intention not to continue as chairman.

It is not my intention, however, to distance myself from the club. Gateway Cycling is an excellent and flourishing club and I have made many friends amongst its members.

Although it is probably two months until the AGM (I would hope it takes place on 14th February) I am prepared to throw my hat into the ring now and am willing to accept a nomination for the post of Treasurer should there be any members who wish to back me.

The final outcome will obviously depend on the will of the membership at the AGM but I feel that my accounting experience of the last twenty years does make me a suitable candidate and I would be happy to serve under the leadership of a fresh choice of chairman and continue to make a contribution to the progress of the club.

In the meantime I wish you all a very happy Christmas and much happy cycling in 2014.

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2 Responses to "A Christmas Message from the Chairman"

  1. robert drake robert drake says:

    Looking forward to the election of the clubs new officers and those who will be restanding in 2014. Bob.D.

  2. says:


    It is a shame that you are stepping down as Chairman in 2014. I ask that you reconsider your decision. The club would clearly benefit from your continued Chairmanship.

    From the short time I have known you, your eagerness to develop all aspects of the cycling club is apparent through your previous forum postings & conversations we have had. The members are very good at dealing with ride & trip issues but dealing with committee matters such as membership recruitment & finances is different.

    Without going into detail my concern would be, that in your absence, the drive to move matters forward would not be as proactive.

    If you do chose to give up you Chairman’s post, then I would be happy to nominate you as treasurer.

    As a new member, I have found everyone to be extremely friendly & I enjoyed being a member of the finest cycling club in Essex!

    Best wishes,