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Cyclocross-The Season So Far.

Three Gateway riders have been racing in the Elmy Eastern cross league this year. We are about half way through the season now and we’ve had our ups and down’s.

The organizers have changed the classes this year. Due to the Vets being over subscribed last season and some riders not getting a race they decided to put the 40-45 yrs in with the Juniors & Seniors, which means the pace is a lot quicker and the races are 20mins longer. Inevitably we’ve been coming a lot lower down the results list’s than we would like, but the racing has been absolutely fantastic as always with really good technical and fast courses at different venue’s each week.

Dougie is our cross whippet and has been up there in class results at every race, while me and Russell have been struggling with our fitness (winter plumidge) against all these youngsters.

Our current League standings after 6 races are

Doug Thompson  14th  151 points

Jason Rogers      15th   141 points

Russell Dore        33rd    68 points

Unfortunately Russell had a puncture this week at Hillyfields Supacross and crashed out Breaking his collar bone, leaving him out for six weeks.

I’m sure you’ll all join me in wishing Russell a speedy recovery.

Finally it’s our local race this Sunday at Davy Down, I can’t make it there this week but I’m sure Doug would welcome your support and heckling if any of you can make it.  P.S. some photo’s would be appreciated.

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5 Responses to "Cyclocross-The Season So Far."

  1. robert drake robert drake says:

    Congrats to these lads showing the gateway flag at cross events and best wishes to Russell and hope he has a speedy recovery.Bob D.

  2. says:

    Well done guys…healing vibes to Russell.

  3. says:

    well done lads….and you look all great in club colours. I hope you are mending well Russell. Thanks for the report-good reading.

  4. says:

    Well done boys, wish Russell a speedy recovery and good luck to Douglas for the race on Sunday.

  5. says:

    Sorry that should have read Doug not Douglas I blame predictive text on the I Pad