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Recreation Ride Through Corringham and Mucking 22nd July 2012

There were 8 of us setting out from the Whitmore Arms in Orsett for a ride around some of the quieter lanes in Thurrock. It was pleasing to see several new faces turn up. Finally we had some decent weather after several weeks of cold and damp.

Shortly after 10.00am we set off and headed along the cycle lane down to Stanford le Hope. We were held up as the barrier to cross the railway was down. Few of us were keen to carry their bikes over the bridge.

Eventually it was raised and we cycled along the Manorway in Corringham before travelling down some rough roads towards Mucking.

The rain had left it’s presence and along one section the road had become waterlogged with the puddles merging together to form a series of lakes covering the entire width of the road. Undaunted we pressed on and reached dry land without anybody falling in. Although they all insisted that I went first!

After a few more miles we reached the new wildlife park in Mucking. By now we were off road cycling along a trail. As members of the Gateway Cycling Club it was perhaps appropriate that this route involved some clambering over and under some gates to reach the centre itself. There we had some much needed cakes and tea.

Continuing onwards we cycled some more large puddles onto East Tilbury, then up to West Tilbury returning to Orsett via Orsett heath. It was a pleasant ride of around 18 miles.

Corringham and Mucking

Corringham and Mucking

David Fish

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2 Responses to "Recreation Ride Through Corringham and Mucking 22nd July 2012"

  1. Jon Lane Jon Lane says:


    A nice ride and good little write up. We were fortunate with the weather giving us terrific views of the Thames from the new RSPB visitors centre (tea stop) at Mucking.

    Unfortunately I punctured after leaving here and then took the Muckingford Road back to Chadwell and Grays so missed you all at East/West Tilbury…

    None the less – a pleasant route that can be developed and explored by everyone.

    All the best.


  2. robert drake robert drake says:

    As a participant in this enjoyable ride I am thinking what a pity it was that of the original 8 starters only 2 of us were Gateway members.Does this have a story to tell us Bob D.