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Gateway’s Summer Lunch at Izumi

Following on from the ‘Gateway’ tradition, initiated by Chris Edwards, I have booked tables for 20 of us – 12.30 Saturday 4th August 2012.

We’ve always enjoyed this outing – Christmas and Summer; for under £10, as much as you can eat, good chat and banter in pleasant surroundings.

Here’s the link for the location and more information if you need it

Please let me know if you can come along for some idea of numbers – IZUMI are pretty flexible and will bring out more table if we exceed twenty.

Chris said he hopes to be there…

Jon Lane

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9 Responses to "Gateway’s Summer Lunch at Izumi"

  1. Jeff Bell Jeff Bell says:

    Please add myself and Frances to the list. Do you need money for a deposit? Do we have to cycle there?


  2. Jon Lane says:

    Thanks for this. No deposit, we pay on the day – and cycle if you wish though it’s not compulsory. By the way good luck on your one hundred mile-er… Cheers.

  3. says:

    put me down for two please. Bill.

    1. Jon Lane says:


      Thanks, your on the list.



  4. Noel Edwards Noel Edwards says:


    Sorry – I am doing some Olympic stuff at Hadleigh Farm that day.


  5. Jon Lane says:

    Ok Noel – enjoy the experience. Cheers. Jon.

  6. Jon Lane Jon Lane says:

    Dear All.

    Just a reminder to say it would be great to see as many members as possible at the Izumi restaurant this Saturday… Though not listed on the website – a fair few folk have said they’ll be there… It’s cheap and cheerful and of course no washing up… If you could put something on the site here for an idea as to numbers would be helpful; otherwise we hope to see you there…

    All the best.

    M: 07845 928 596

  7. says:

    Hi All,

    Sorry but can’t make tonight as I’m working till 8pm…………….. Would have loved to join you. Enjoy yourselves.


  8. Jon Lane Jon Lane says:

    Dear All.

    An enjoyable lunch on Saturday – IZUMI didn’t let us down (-: There were ten of us in all and thanks to everyone who could make it there, a good choice of food and cheery chat all round…

    Perhaps I could have chosen a slightly later date for this – what with family and holiday commitments along with the Olympics. However, having said this there seems no reason why we shouldn’t have another ‘Lunch’ here later in the year – perhaps at the end of the summer or start of autumn time…

    Could we have some feedback about this on Club night please?

    Keep pedalling…

    All the best.

    Jon Lane.