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New Gateway Cycling Website Goes Live!

Hello and welcome to the new home of Gateway Cycling!

Out with the old and in with the new…

If you are a club member you will need to register to the site to be able to use all the functionality available.
You can register by either using the Register link in the ‘Log In’  box to the right of this message or by following this link.
If you are eager to go register then please make sure you come back and read the rest of this article after!

 This website has been been built to enable us to share our news and events with each other and the wider community.  And it NEEDS YOUR HELP!

We want your Gateway Cycling stories:

  • taken part or going to take part in a cycling event?
  • want to share some Gateway Cycling News?
  • Photos or Video you want to share?
  • Organising a race?

Anything that club members and especially non-club members would be interested in.

Our new home will let us tell the world what we are all about.  It doesn’t have to be a major event.  If you think last Sunday’s group ride is worth writing an article about we’ll publish it.  If you have photos or maps to add to it then all the better!

This is not only going to be a website about the club, the content will be written and managed by the club members.  There are two types of article on this site.  Pages and Posts.  Pages are for our static information, like who we are and how to contact us.  Posts are our news items, which we give focus to on our homepage.  The more often we add Post items the more interesting our site will become and the more visitors we will get. This will lead to more interest in becoming club members.

If you want to write a news article then let me know and we’ll give you the access to do this and any help or guidance you need.

Working with this kind of website will be new to many of you and likewise is also new to the admins.  We’ll be working together to make this website easier to use.  If you find a problem or want to suggest an improvement then please let us know at

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    Well done with the new website!!