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Annual Hill Climb

The following are the Hill Climb results from this morning – well done Ben.

I think the conditions were different for Russell since he started some time before everyone else to set a benchmark. It is a well known fact that the density of air is much greater before 10am than after.

Thanks guys for taking part, thanks to Chris Edwards for organising it and thanks to the weather for being just right.

Childerditch Lane Hill Climb Results 2011

1Ben Lamb4m 01s
2Dan Lucker4m 14s13s
3Jason Rogers4m 29s28s
4Jamie Barton4m 35s34s
5Dave Francis4m 45s44s
6Russell Dore5m 00s59s
7Dave Miles5m 01s60s
8Dave Currell5m 08s67s

You can find more images for this event on the flickr photo sharing website.

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