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Last Forum Day 7

From Bob D Today was normal midweek ride,12 riders plus two walking wounded arrived safely at Puddledock,slight change of personnel this week ,a couple of regulars on holiday replaced by Juan G and Tony G nice to see them with us again.We were soon in two groups of six and these managed to stay together for the whole loop.Speaking for the second group we in spite of some strong winds enjoyed a pacey trouble free ride averaging about 16.5mph for the day.Having been warned (no stirring), chat today was remarkably uncontroversial with Juan and myself indulging in some spanish cycling history which made a nice change.Nice to see Joe back with us after his hols in the USA,love his old school bikes and kit.Back in Orsett Phil and myself availed ourselves … Read entire article »

Last Forum Day 6

From Bob D Nice solo 28 mile ride today,no incidents of note but bumped into Chris G on way home so nice long chat in Bulpan ensued.Club Kit seems topical at the moment so perhaps a good time to advertise a piece surplus to requirements.I have a Giordiana Gateway Rain Jacket original price £70 which is neither waterproof nor breathable but would make an excellent boiler bag.I am willing to swap this useless bit of kit for either a third hand Castelli Gabba or Gore Tex One Shakedry size about 4XL.On a lighter note I have a rare 1st edition Club jersey that is definitely a collectors item,unlike todays kit it is all white with navy blue printing on the back including the founding secretarys phone number,if memory serves only 6 … Read entire article »

Last Forum Day 5

From Bob D After resting on the sabbath day 4 only managed short partly off road ride today.Just 12 miles covered mainly due to dodging the short sharp showers prevailing,did however fit in cuppa stop at mucking so not all in vain.Reading about the club kit wearing on club rides although I prefer showing the club flag most of the time I wont be advocating club kit only on the wednesday rides as I would prefer these to remain as flexible as possible in all respects.Sods law as I write the suns come out making me think I could have stayed out longer, still theres always tomorrow. Bob D. … Read entire article »

Last day of forum day 3

From Bob D   Proposed rest day delayed until tomorrow,26 local miles which I will save and add to next weeks total as unsettled weather may curtail some ride days in the coming week.Saw some of the new saturday group on the road returning towards Orsett hopefully another successful addition to the calendar.Definately resting tomorrow hope to resume riding monday. Bob D. … Read entire article »

Last Forum Day 2

From Bob D Dusteded off the FP UNO model Pinarello for todays short ride.This model is Pinarello’s take on an affordable entry level machine.Frame built with an alluminium main triangle with carbon chain stays,seat stays and the ubiquitous carbon Onda fork, design shape much the same as their high end models, nice black white and red paint job,more Dog than Dogma but never the less uniquely Pinarello.Was able to build up with full Ultegra group set and nice pair of lightweight wheels from my stock of secondhand spares so now nearly up to mid range quality. Up and away to spread my brand of joy de vivre to Peter and Theresa Clark in Grays where Peter is 2 weeks into his 6 weeks rehab after his major hip operation,he is his … Read entire article »

! St Day of Last Forum Month

From Bob D Just in from todays 28 ml local ride with cafe stop.Decided to give 20 year old Cannondale Saeco CAAD 3 a run out for a change,although old like me this machine still rides like a dream.this particular model has now assumed cult status.still built in those days in the USA not the far east as most are today in the late 1990’s it was ridden by Mario Cippolini to 42 Giro Italia and 12 TDF stage wins,not bad for an aluminium american bike.No particular incidents on the road today although as it’s now harvest time there is a proliferation of huge tractors and trailers close passing at high speeds which can be quite scary to those of a nervous disposition.If the weather holds and I can get out … Read entire article »


From Bob D Hi all forum readers,I have been informed that as from the 1st of Sept the club committee have decided to close the Gateway club forum.Although I think I understand their reasoning for this I for one will be sorry to see it go.Looking back through the last few years contributions it becomes obvious that only three or four of us have availed ourselves of this facility with myself making the most use of it to publish my weekly ramblings.In this technological age of Whats App and Facebook which the other 96% of the members seem to prefer the end of the Forum was I suppose inevitable.However for the next month I shall try to fill it up with more of my useless ramblings. In this vein,Fifteen riders took … Read entire article »

Membership fees

For information to all members. As we are now more than half way through 2019 the membership fees are reduced by 50%. Thus a single person membership is now £10. If anybody has ridden with us and has not joined please do so. Gateway Committee … Read entire article »

Last Wednesday’s HOT ride 24th July 2019

From Jon L An Exceptionally hot sun! … Fifteen arrived at Orsett – trying to find a shady tree. It was good to welcome a few folk back who’ve not been able to make it recently. At a sensible pace we headed out around the regular route. Not feeling 100% in the heat I took a shorter cut back to Puddledock, although by contrast Bob did the full Berwick Ponds circuit! well done mate… The usual good chat and banter whilst consuming ‘meat free’ breakfasts and such like… We rolled back to Orsett, it getting still hotter, but glad to say no weather or traffic incidents, this followed by more shady chat and a warm down. Whatever the weather – I know we all look forward to and enjoy these midweek … Read entire article »