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Midweek Ride 21st November 2018

From Bob D. Nine riders at Orsett start today. Due to certain factors the eastern route was abandoned and usual loop decided upon. As often happens a leading group were soon disappearing up the road and nine became six and three ones with myself as lanterne rouge, pardon my poor french. The weather was cold but bright and sunny, with the roads still wet and a bit greasy from yesterdays rain I set a comfortable pace and ambled along by a shortened route to the Puddle not seeing anything of the others until they arrived a little later minus Bert. It transpired he had sustained a puncture whilst on his own and had taken quite a bit of time to fix, no other incidents were reported thus far. Having taken the … Read entire article »

Santa Ride to Hyde Hall – Sunday 23rd December

From Jeff Bell. Hi all, Christmas is coming! ? To help get us and the local community into the festive spirit there will be a Santa ride to Hyde Hall on Sunday 23rd December. (Weather permitting) Dress up as your favourite Christmas character and join in the fun! Jeff … Read entire article »

Midweek ride Wednesday 14th November

From Bob D. Twelve riders set off from Orsett today to be joined on route by Tracy and later Andy making fourteen in all, a goodly number for this time of year.Obviously the superb weather brought the numbers up from last weeks low point of the year.As usual several small groups were spread over the route which makes for a comfortable paced ride which suited almost everyone.We were able to sit outside at the cafe as it was sunny and unseasonably warm, for refreshments and chat.THe return trip was quite hard going as an unfavorable wind had sprung up but with Keith W pulling the faster boys and Chris M pulling the rest of us a pretty fast time was made back to Orsett. Next week depending on who turns up … Read entire article »

Mid week ride 31st October 2018

From Bob D. Ten of us started from Orsett today to be joined latter on by two more. As no one was particularly keen to venture farther afield, the usual loop was decided upon and the group of ten stayed together for most of the route which made for a very enjoyable trip. Chris G and myself did take a short cut using Sunnings lane and arrived at the Puddle slightly before the others. Peter C celebrates his birthday today and there were cheers all round for that. The sun came out for return run and those of us returning to Orsett via Bulphan kept together at a sensible pace and enjoyed the the best that cycling has to offer at this level. Sixteen of this group have now signed up for … Read entire article »

Mid week ride today – Wednesday 24 October 2018

Mid week ride today – Wednesday 24 October 2018

From Bob D. Hi all, the record breaking continues,lovely warm late october weather and a new record of nineteen riders for the Gateway wednesday group. Setting off for the usual Berwich Ponds loop this number split into several smaller groups which was probably just as well as a group of nineteen on our congested local lanes may have annoyed a few motorists and we wouldn’t want to do that would we.I cant comment too much on … Read entire article »

Mid week ride 17th October 2018

From Bob D Hi all,fifteen riders out again this week ,split up as usual into three groups for eventual rendezyous at Puddledock for early lunch. Much chat about the proposed new Thames crossing and its likely effects on our local cycling.Majority seem to think scheme will be very detrimental to the area as a whole with loss of available local routes and vastly increased traffic through Thurrock. Those of you still cycling post 2027 the predicted completion date will no doubt have to get used to it.Ride home became a bit damp as the drizzle started and continued for rest of the ride. Bob D … Read entire article »

New Lower Thames Crossing

From Bob D. There are consultation events taking place where you can have your say and question the powers that be on this momentous project. The most central one to us is at The Orsett Hall on october tuesday the 16th 2pm till 6pm.. As this project is likely to ruin our local cycling routes during and after its three year construction time it might be a good idea for as many of us as possible to put our points of view forward regardless of whether anyone will take any notice. and later …. Attended this event today. Nice glossy information booklets etc available plus an answer form to record your views and opinions on,also highly qualified consultants on hand to answer or clarify any questions you may have.So far so good,however this … Read entire article »

Midweek ride 10th October 2018

From Bob D. First up,what a lovely day for a bike ride,wall to wall sunshine,warm temps and not too windy,must be one of the best october wednesdays ever.Seventeen out today including one new to us who rode in our slower group of five led this week by Peter C.The fast group were soon out of sight up the road but all stopped in Dunnings lane when Juan unfortunately punctured ,they waved us five through and the next time we saw them they were approaching Corbetts Tey as we were heading back to Pike lane and the cafe,at this point I was thinking they cant catch us now and this is the first time the slow group will be at the cafe before the fast group, that must have been a really … Read entire article »

Bloodwise London to Paris charity ride 2019

Some of our club members have ridden in previous Bloodwise London to Paris charity rides. Registration is now available for the 2019 event. So, as their web site says, “Experience the life of a pro-rider in our unforgettable London to Paris cycling challenge” and raise money for a great cause.…/events-challenges/london-paris … Read entire article »