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Recreation Ride Rules

Participants must be fit enough to complete the designated ride. (Distances and terrain will be published prior to the ride). Participants must be able to keep up with the group. Average ride speed is included with the details of individual rides.

Participants should carry a spare inner tube and if possible also tyre lever and a pump. They must not rely on others in the group for these items should they puncture during the ride, (although members of the group will help in an emergency).

Participants must before the commencement of the ride ensure that their bike is mechanically sound, e.g. brakes/steering/gears working properly. Tyres should also be properly inflated and ‘fit for the ride’.

Participants must ensure that they are dressed appropriately for the weather of the day and carry a bottle of water or other liquid to ensure they keep hydrated (this is particularly important in hot weather).

The ride leader has overall responsibility for the group and has the discretion to not allow a person to take part.

These rules have been made to ensure that all participants are able to enjoy their ride.

Bob Sheridan

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