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Mid week ride – 3rd September 2018

Mid week ride – 3rd September 2018

From Bob D. Sixteen riders out today, we have a hard core of about twelve and about ten floaters who turn up as and when they can, this makes for an interesting change of personnel each week and helps keep things fresh. As usual we became three groups and I found myself in a 16mph group of four admirably led by Joe and with Phil and Melvin which made for a nice comfortable trip, not too fast … Read entire article »

Bob’s mid week ride 26th September 2018

Bob’s mid week ride 26th September 2018

From Bob D Another great turnout today, 18 riders plus one by car.This number split into several groups but all arrived at the cafe safely within a few minutes of each other. The outstanding happening was the return to riding of Peter C only a few short weeks after his serious cardiac arrest on a previous wednesday ride and of course we were all so pleased to see him and Theresa back with us again. Lovely … Read entire article »

Mid Week Ride 19th September 2018

From Bob D. Hi all, am finally able to make a short report after delay due to computer glitzes which I am assured are now all fixed. I really enjoyed this weeks ride as all nine starters were able to ride the complete loop as one group, this was enabled by the faster riders deciding to slightly slow their normal pace so that the rest of us didn’t get dropped , thanks to them for that as it made a nice change to all arrive at the Puddle together.We were joined there by John L who had made an early start to go up to Woolwhich, cross the river and return via the ferry and back to join us for lunch. By the time we left for home the wind had … Read entire article »

Mid Week Ride 12th September 2018

From Bob D. Eleven riders including two ladies,Teresa C and Bettina M at Orsett today. The weather was kind to us as the rain had just fizzled out and remained mostly dry for the rest of the day. John L and myself were soon dropped off the back and continued as a pair as far as the Puddle where John decided to make an early stop, I then soloed out to Upminster and rejoined the loop in Corbetts Tey where I was tempted to make a stop at my favorite cafe in the crematorium but resisted and soloed back to the Puddle to rejoin John just before the faster group arrived off the longer Berwich Ponds loop. We were joined a little later by the walking wounded Vic and Ivan who … Read entire article »

Mid Week Ride 7th September 2018

From Bob D. Earlier today I wrote a long detailed description of todays ride,somehow or other I must have pushed a wrong button and the whole screed disappeared into the great unknown. Being too tired and too depressed to recall all I had written, suffice it to say a large number of us enjoyed a great ride including all the usual ups and downs,highs and lows,eats and chats, and hopefully all arrived home safely.Will try to do better next week. Bob D. … Read entire article »

Mid Week Ride today – 29th August 2018

From Bob D Another good turnout this week, 10 riders plus 3 by car. The forecasters got the weather wrong today by a few hours and the outward run was done in pouring rain . Ivan and myself took a short cut but the others did a full loop and we all arrived at the appropriately named Puddle thoroughly soaked, definitely the wettest I’ve been this summer. Peter C arrived direct from a hospital appointment, is looking great and was able to update us on his recovery, rehab etc and it seems he is on the way to a full recovery which is great news. Fortunately the rain stopped just as we left for home and the return trip was actually quite enjoyable.Hopefully next week will be dry but I suppose those of … Read entire article »

Mid week ride today 22nd August 2018

Post from Bob D. A record number of 18 riders met at Orsett today, definitely the most in the seven or so years this ride has been going. With three regulars missing today this number is even more impressive. Eventually four groups,very fast, fast ,med fast and slowish all arrived safely at Puddledock. Praise again for Taff P who rode most of the route on his own having already ridden from Rainham to start point. Everyone made for home by various routes and I understand from info received many PB’s were achieved today. The best news is that Peter C is now home from hospital and is recovering well, we all send him best wishes for a full recovery and an eventual return to the fold. Bob D.   … Read entire article »

Midweek ride Today – 15th August 2018

A message from Bob Drake I will start this weeks report with a brief resume of last weeks unreported ride. On the return ride last week whilst waiting to regroup in Bulphan one of our members Peter C suffered a very serious cardiac arrest and was rendered unconscious. Club members, I won’t name names you know who you are, quickly rendered CPR assistance and continued this until emergency services arrived. Peter was eventually removed to Basildon hospital where he received emergency surgery and other important treatment. We are pleased to report he is making slow progress to what will hopefully be a full recovery in the not too distant future. Today a large turnout left Orsett to rendezvous at Puddledock where even more members arrived by car and Peter’s family attended to … Read entire article »

Bob’s Wednesday Ride 1st August

Another great turnout of 13 riders this week. To get a head start, I left at 10.00 on the dot. I was soon caught by the rest of the group and we all stayed together until the north end of Dunnings Lane. The fast boys then took off and Bob and Bert rode stayed with me. The two groups of 10 and 3 completed the full Berwick Pond loop, in the warm and sunny weather that we have been accustomed too over the past few Wednesdays. We took over two tables at Puddledock Cafe and had our usual mix of healthy and not so healthy second breakfasts. Following chat about the Tour de France, politics, health and funding for up and coming professional cyclists, we set off at 12.30 for … Read entire article »