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Virtual Gateway Cycling AGM – The Results

To all Gateway Cycling  members
From Phil Baker , General Secretary
Thanks to all that logged on to the club site, read the Financial report and proposed Social Media statement, seconded a committee and /or commented on the process. There were 34 who replied.
You took part in the first Gateway Cycling Club Virtual AGM and made it a success. As a result of your participation the meeting was quorate so the committee members can now serve until the next AGM in 2021 which will hopefully revert to the more conventional format. In these rather uncertain times, we assume this will satisfy the legal requirements.
Having used the website for this process I will endeavour to post more on here in the future.
Despite the restrictions during lock down it has been good to see so many members making use of the quieter roads. Either in person or on WhatsApp. Even better is to see more cyclists in general; families, couples and wobbly newcomers. I’ve had a couple of enquiries already from new people asking how they can join once we are riding as a club again. I asked a bloke that I met on the top of Old Church Hill if he was in a cycling club and he shouted, “Hole! Car! Hole” and shook his head.  Club membership obviously isn’t for everyone.

Club Officer Seconders

Name Position Seconder
Vince Bevan Chair Dave Helen
Phil Baker General Secretary Robert George
Chris Garside Treasurer Bob Drake
Juan Garcia Sport Secretary Tony Gowen
Paul Plumridge Coaching Sharon Phillips
Dave Fish Recreation Secretary Jon Lane
Teresa Clark Clothing Secretary Susanne Bauer
Chris Milne Club Welfare Officer Noel Edwards


Social Media Statement

A big thank you to Noel Edwards for his help and advice on preparing this document, the text of which will now be added to the constitution.

Finance Documents

Comments and queries were received from Sharon Phillips relating to the club finances and specifically around the accounting for the clothing stock. It is proposed to share further details with Sharon and to review/adjust the process, if required, for the next accounting period.

We received a number of additional questions relating to the accounts which we were very grateful for. All queries were answered to the questioners satisfaction.

The Accounts have already been approved by Jeff Bell, submitted to HMRC and corporation tax paid.

Gateway Cycling Committee

Chris Garside

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One Response to "Virtual Gateway Cycling AGM – The Results"

  1. robert drake robert drake says:

    Many thanks to all whose efforts have achieved this successful outcome for the club.I am sure the founding fathers of the club would be proud of the way the present incumbents have kept the club going in these uncertain times ,as am I.A roughly 33% turnout I suppose is not too bad , I hope the other two thirds now realise that clubs dont run themselves and are grateful to those stalwarts who went the extra mile on their behalf.