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Last week’s mid week ride

From Bob D

As some group members have expressed a desire to explore different routes while others still prefer Puddledock as the lunch stop I thought this week as the weather should be fine we would try to accomplish both.Suggested route,Orsett,Bulphan,Doesgate lane,lower Dunton road to A127,cross then bear left up Old Dog hill and on to Herongate.Turn right on A128 for shortish main road stretch then left Up the Avenue to Warley. Cross main road at traffic lights and proceed down Mascalls lane to Brook street turn left and left again UP Nags Head lane proceed to Hall lane and down into Upminster then on to Puddledock.This is about 18 miles and quite hilly compared to usual but nothing to worry about for most of you,total miles for day around 30.Hope this note reaches you all and is satisfactory.Bob D

About a dozen riders turned out today,this does not include me as I have suffered some kind of leg injury which is making it unsafe for me to ride at the moment,as you can imagine this is very frustrating.It was decided to split into two roughly equal groups one going for the route suggested above and the other a more usual Berwich loop.Having killed a bit of time reading in the car made for the cafe where soon after 11 am both groups arrived safely having enjoyed an incident free ride.John L joined us by car and usual chat was carried on until time to leave for home. I believe it was decided to avoid Dunnings lane on way back due to some tarmacing work going on there.I am hoping to recover enough to resume riding by next week in the mean time keep enjoying being out on the bike as much as possible.

Bob D.

Chris Garside

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