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Midweek Ride Wednesday 19th December 2018

FromĀ  Bob D.

Only four riders started at Orsett today.Chris G,Alan H,Noel E set off in a slight rain shower with myself following on behind gradually dropping further back until they were out of sight up the road.Soloing out towards Bulphan was pleased to see a Greater Spotted Woodpecker and a Buzzard ,not particularly common birds in this area.

Taking my usual short cut arrived at the cafe just as Vic D turned up by car followed shortly by the three riders and then Bert H, Dave R and Ivan B all by car. Usual lively chat with a festive flavor then made ready for homeward departure, unfortunately Chris had acquired a rear flat but this was sorted reasonably quickly and everyone set off for home.

Alan and myself did a recce to Thames Chase to see if they were open on Boxing Day as The Puddle will be closed on that day. So next weeks midweek ride for those fit enough to make it after Xmas days indulgences will be to Thames Chase which is open from 10am until 2pm, will post this up later in the week.

Happy Xmas.Bob D

Chris Garside

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